I'm a parent and coach of a kid that just loves to play ball and it seems we're always looking for fundraising ideas to help offset costs of equipment, uniforms, tournaments, etc. If you're a parent with a kid in sports, my guess is you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Add the fact that I love to watch the games and keep the scorebook. My challenge was I couldn't find a scorebook I really liked. The scorebooks were weird sizes - big and bulky; you had to write the lineup over and over and over; the scoreboxes were too small to write everything you needed to write; and with various pitching rules (pitch counts or innings pitched), you had to have a separate piece of paper or form to keep track of everything.

So, after being frustrated one too many seasons, I decided to create my own scorebook and start a little enterprise called Grand Slam Scorebooks.

We set two goals for ourselves - first, we wanted to build a better mousetrap; by that we mean create a scorebook that simplified - literally making it easier for the scorekeeper to keep score. And second, we wanted to give back and help support kids and the game.

We've incorporated input from hundreds of scorekeepers on how to make things easier and the final result is something we're very proud of - it's a real scorekeeper's scorebook. It features new ideas so innovative, that we have a patent pending.  New ideas so simple and so intuitive, that we hear things like "I can't believe someone hasn't thought of this before!" And, while creating and producing a quality product is a top priority; equally important is the financial commitment to donate a portion of every score book we sell to help support youth baseball and softball.

If you're a returning customer, thank you - we appreciate and value your business. If you're someone looking to purchase a scorebook, we would love to earn your business.

Here's our guarantee - try just one Grand Slam Scorebook, just one, and if you don't think keeping score is easier compared to what you use today - we'll give you your money back. 

Best of luck this season!

A. Jeffrey Smith
Grand Slam Scorebooks

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