We came up with the term Write-OnceTM  when we were trying to describe our patent-pending idea of combining a scorebook with a multi-part lineup card:

"Write your lineup once and you'll have copies for the other team, the umpire, your dugout, and here's the best part, your lineup automatically transfers onto your scoresheet."

Write-Once then morphed into something bigger. More powerful. It became our focus and purpose, OK - we'll say it - our mission statement:

Create innovative solutions so that scorekeepers can eliminate having to do the same thing over and over and over which ultimately makes keeping score faster, easier, and error-free! 

Doing the same things over and over was the number one frustration we heard from scorekeepers during our research. Their frustrations were about simple things like:
  • having to write your lineup more than once;
  • marking the batter's count separately from the pitcher's pitch count;
  • re-writing end of game statistics on a separate form so others can verify that your information is correct;
  • flipping the book back and forth to total-up end of game statistics;
  • flipping the book over and having it be upside.
Maybe you've heard the famous quote by Emerson about building a better mousetrap. That's what we've done! We took an everyday product and made it better, a lot better actually. So the next time you have to keep score, remember to just WRITE-ONCE!

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